KRK 12S HO (12′ High output studio subwoofer)


Building on KRK’s legacy of sonic accuracy and performance, the new KRK S8.4, S10.4, and S12.4 subwoofers
deliver tight, accurate, and defined bass, while their highly efficient Class D power amplifiers dramatically
increase transient response, control, and punch. A wealth of connectivity options means you can hook
up to practically anything without adapter hassles, and a four-position crossover frequency selection
switch makes it easy to adjust the subwoofer setting to optimally match your existing monitors.
Refinements in the latest generation of KRK subwoofers include modestly improved low frequency
extension, improved porting for much better low frequency phase response and less port noise, a more
durable inverted dustcap, optional removable grilles, redesigned cabinets with lower height profiles
and less depth than their predecessors for improved placement flexibility, and a timeless design with a
more professional aesthetic.
Pairing a KRK subwoofer with KRK or other studio monitors delivers an optimized listening and mixing
experience with extended low end, while the exclusive bypass control feature provides full-range audio
to your monitors at the click of an (optional) footswitch without having to move out of the monitoring
sweet spot to turn off the subwoofer. This allows for instant comparisons with and without the subwoofer’s
contributions to the sound. KRK’s new subwoofers don’t just deliver precise bass and a rich feature set;
they’re the next dimension in subwoofer performance.