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Active 8” Two-Way Studio Reference Monitor





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The KRK Systems ROKIT 8 Generation Five is the most advanced studio monitor in its class. Whether you’re working on a chart-topping hit, a film score, or a personal project, they provide the tools you need to capture every nuance of your sound with astonishing clarity. Part of the Fifth Generation of KRK ROKIT Studio Monitors, along with the ROKIT 5 Generation Five and ROKIT 7 Generation Five, their onboard DSP technology provides three distinct Voicing Modes. Mix Mode, with flat frequency and phase response, is best for mixing, mastering, and critical listening. Create Mode is a more inspirational voicing best used for writing, producing, and casual listening. Focus Mode is a mid-focused voicing for critical analysis of the midrange band where vocals and most instruments have the most energy. The three Mix Modes eliminate the need for separate sets of monitors for different tasks. It’s like having three pairs of monitors in one. The ROKIT 8 Generation Five also features 25 boundary and tuning EQ combinations that help minimize and correct problems in your acoustic environment, and with the aid of the free KRK App, they make setting up your recording environment easy and precise.

The ROKIT 8 Generation Five is fitted with an 8” woven Kevlar® aramid fiber cone woofer for superior damping and modal breakup control. The 1” tweeter benefits from a highly damped acoustic silk dome diaphragm to smoothly extend the frequency range up to 40 kHz. For maximum transient response and dynamics reproduction, bi-amplified Class D power amplifiers drive the transducers evenly and more efficiently at reduced operating temperatures to ensure audio integrity during long work sessions.

The world’s leading studio monitor manufacturer, KRK’s sonic accuracy and performance have made them the choice of professionals worldwide for over 35 years. Experience them for yourself, and you’ll agree–the KRK Systems ROKIT 8 Generation Five continues that tradition of sonic excellence.

    • Three Voicing Modes – Mix, Focus, and Create – for 3-in-1 monitoring flexibility
    • 25 boundary and tuning EQ combinations to help minimize and correct problems in your acoustical environment
    • Custom-designed Class D power amplifiers for better audio integrity and reduced operating temperature
    • 8″ Woven Kevlar® aramid fiber woofer for tight and accurate low and low-mid performance
    • New 1″ silk dome tweeter design for improved high-mid, high frequency, and phase performance
    • Low Diffraction Baffle Design for lower distortion and better stereo imaging
    • Includes two magnetic faceplates for protective grille or no-grille flexibility
    • Optimized front-ported bass reflex enclosure for improved low-frequency performance
    • Acoustic foam wedge isolation pads to minimize resonance and support proper set-up positioning
    • Integrated mounting points for use with optional KRK mounting brackets, perfect for immersive audio studio installations
    • XLR, 1/4” TRS Combo analog input for wide compatibility with audio devices
    • Universal voltage, switching mode power supply for use in all global regions
    • Use with the KRK Audio Tools App: Acoustic Real-Time Room Analyzer and EQ Recommendation tool to help set the monitor for better, more accurate monitoring and faster mixing