(SET) Pioneer XY-215s (DUAL 15′ subwoofer)





  • A quasi-bandpass subwoofer with two 15-inch LF drivers.
  • High-response deep bass as low as 42 Hz is delivered to reproduce a tight and punchy kick.
  • Two drivers efficiently generate air vibration to boost radiation efficiency.
  • Requires an active crossover to set the necessary frequency range (presets can be provided from Pioneer for combinations using the Pioneer XY-152, XY-122, XY-101 and XY-81).
  • NL4 INPUT and LINK OUT connections as standard.
  • Robust enclosure made from premium multi-laminate birch plywood.
Categorie: Artikelnummer: avl-16


Specification of XY-215S

Enclosure Type Dual driver, quasi-bandpass subwoofer
Frequency Response 42 Hz to 160 Hz
Sensitivity (1 W/1 m) 102 dB (half space)
Nominal Impedance 4 Ω
Power Handling 800 W RMS, 1600 W Program
Maximum SPL 131 dB cont., 137 dB peak (half space)
Driver Configuration 2 × 15 inch (380 mm) LF cone drivers