(SET) 2x Pioneer XY-3B


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Moulded Bi-horn

The 8-inch mid-range driver and the 1-inch compression driver are attached to the integrated waveguide with their depths perfectly aligned to minimise the difference of physical distance and reduce cancellation around the crossover frequency. This unique Bi-horn combines mid and high frequencies in a deep position inside the waveguide, improving the blend of the sounds compared to the performance of a conventional separated horn structure. The waveguide’s curved shape perfectly controls dispersion at 50 degrees horizontal and 35 degrees vertical, providing natural sound with high SPL in the targeted area while reducing the sound pressure outside that area.

X-Phase system with gold X-Phase plug

Driver cone cancellation is minimised thanks to Pioneer Pro Audio’s X-Phase system. The convex shape forces sound waves into small slits which are arranged in a fan shape, allowing all sound waves to exit in perfect phase aliment. The sound waves are forced over the top and bottom of the X-phase plug, producing higher SPL and greater sound projection over long distances.

Hybrid low-mid section

A hybrid dual 12-inch chamber in the low-mid section allows the drivers to produce tight notes. The LF drivers are also coated with a water-resistant finish on both sides, so you can use the XY-3 speakers outdoors. Plus, the added stiffness of this treatment allows the drivers to deliver a natural tightness rather than using thicker speaker cone material which would add weight and slow down the speed of the cones.

Rigging and tour ready

Rigging: Flying hardware options are available, along with ground stacking configurations. 
Tour ready: Every detail of the XY-3 was designed to make it the perfect speaker to take on the road. You can load the speakers into trucks with the minimal amount of space lost, and they can be stacked two-high and four-wide when used with the XY-3 wheel board.


Specification of XY-3B

Type 3WAY Bi-amp loudspeaker
Enclosure 15 mm birch plywood
Drivers LF:12-inch neodymium cone driver x 2
MF:8-inch neodymium cone driver
HF:1-inch exit neodymium compression driver
Frequency Response 55 Hz~17 kHz
Sensitivity LF:102 dB
MHF:107 dB
Power handling LF:1200 W(RMS), 2400 W(Program)
MHF:200 W(RMS), 400 W(Program)
Max SPL LF:133 dB(cont.)、139 dB(peak)
MHF:130 dB(cont.)、136 dB(peak)
Terminals speakON® NL4 x 2
Impedance LF:4Ω
Dimension (W×H×D) 530 mm x 1080 mm x 540 mm
Weight 57.6 kg